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Posted by Yokailiv - 1 month ago

art updates for the void! If the void screams back, that’s cool!

June 16th, 2024

  1. Ive been working on typing up a script for a warhammer comic- it’s a larger project that is very self indulgent and smutty, but I feel committed and I want to do it so I’m doing it.
  2. while I’m working on this project I am really aiming on uploading finished pieces everywhere at least once a week ( + doodles / sketchbook dumps ) and maybe twice a week if I’m feeling very ambitious.
  3. separate goals I have are trying to do more high quality digital art ( digital art has always been frustrating for me, because I don’t ever practice..) animation, and comic paneling.
  4. I want Newgrounds to be where all my art can be. As of now I’m spread out between tumblr, new grounds and instagram. I can only post NSFW here, and a little bit on tumblr. I also plan on using Archive of our Own to upload the smutty comic I’ve got brewing. As much as I want to appeal to certain niches and create fan art to help further boost myself on an online platform, i do not want to be an artist known for just fan art. ( I feel that the internet has a bias for digital art over hand made art, not including YouTube or reals- which I have my own opinions on…)
  5. Lastly, my overall goals are to be an independent artist. I’ve been wanting to open up for commissions for a long time, but I’ve always been unsure of myself- especially my ability with digital art. Hopefully after posing for a bit more I’ll feel more hyped up and confident to make that want a reality.

if ya got this far- thanks! Don’t be afraid to interact, I deeply crave conversation and constructive criticism.




Well, you seem really motivated, good luck achieving these goals. There's not much that I can criticize on what you've said here, nothing that you said seems to be wrong or to be in need of any suggestion. The only thing I got to say is that I'll follow you to see those drawings every week.

Yay! Thank you! Newgrouds is by far my favorite place to post art so I’ll make sure to keep at it : )

Good keep it going don't stop I'm also on an art journey myself!

Thank you! Keep going too and best of luck, it can be rough for artists but we got this : - )